♥ The Baker ♥

I've been baking since 2006, in an effort to impress my new guy (now my fiancé) at that time... And I've been in love with it since then. After all these years I know there's still much to learn, so I'm trying to learn something new everyday by reading books, magazines, blogs, and basically anything there is to read about baking. Sometimes I still feel like a novice after all these years. I would love to learn the art of cake decorating, and would love to take classes, but haven't gotten around it up to now. Hopefully soon!

I've been blogging about my baking adventures and misadventures because I also love writing. (Well...sometimes I just want to let out my baking frustrations!) =) I'm inspired by people who follow their hearts, pursue their passion and live their dreams! And I love reading how they do it through their blogs. Hopefully this blog will also inspire...maybe teach...or at least make someone feel hungry. =)

Thanks for dropping by!

Lots of ♥♥♥,

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