Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wholewheat Bagels

I was checking out other blogs one day when I saw a photograph of bagels. It never left my mind since. I just had to make some for myself. I've always adored store-bought bagels, even though they sometimes taste like the plastic they're wrapped in. Never had the chance of making my own bagel before, so I was a bit intimidated. Surprisingly, this was very easy! I got the original recipe from Baking Bites, but I substituted half the bread flour it called for with wholewheat flour, for a healthier kick. :) Though I probably wouldn't use that much wholewheat flour next time as it turned out too wheat-y for me. Maybe one cup would do. I sprinkled them with sesame seeds for a nutty flavor. The only downside I had making these, as with any other yeast bread, is the amount of time it took before it gets done. I'd say that making your own bread is only advisable if you have a lot of time in your hands. Nevertheless, these turned out great and crusty. The four hours preparation was all worth the wait. ;o)


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