Monday, July 2, 2007

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I'm not very fond of pineapples because I had a not so good experience with it when I was just a kid. I found out at a young age that eating the fruit a little too much can make your tongue itchy. So I tried my best to stay away from eating it on its raw state if I could help it. Although I like them in chunks when my Mom makes piniƱahang manok for lunch, or in macaroni and fruit salads.

A couple of Sundays ago, my Mom bought three whole pineapples for no particular reason except that they were in season. Not knowing what she would do with all of them, I asked her if I could have one so I can make a cake for my Dad that day, which happens to be Father's Day (the real one). :) I was hesitant at first if I really want to use what my Mom bought or just buy the canned/sliced version because slicing pineapples from scratch seemed like a hard work... ;o) But I want to save a trip to the supermarket so I went ahead on slicing. Thankfully, it was already peeled.

I got the recipe from another food blog, Just Desserts (which I adore). I agree with her that this cake should be eaten warm from the oven. Somehow, the delicate flavor seemed to be lost after it cools. When still warm, it tasted buttery and its texture was soft and moist. I'm not really fond of cakes unless it's chocolate, but this one made me wanna think twice. :) I added cherries on top for garnish. It looked great. At the last minute, I decided to empty the whole jar of cherries and placed them all on top. The cake was gone the next day. ;o)


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