Saturday, February 9, 2008

On Baby Cakes & Dome Cakes

♥Baby Cakes♥

Several weeks ago, as Richard and I were strolling down Paseo de Sta. Rosa, we discovered a bakeshop called "Baby Cakes". It was fairly small and yet it was as cozy as it can be. The shelves are lined with varieties of miniature cakes with their larger counterpart. On top of the shelves, I found a huge pile of individually-wrapped chololate chip cookies, I also found Christmas-decorated sugar cookies (it was still the holiday season that time ;o)), and some piles of what seemed like out-of-place hopia rolls. The interior is also well-decorated with cozy collectibles, and the tables and chairs are assortments of soft couches and hard-wood benches. On the ceiling, I found the menu written with colored chalks on a little black board. All in all, they all blended nicely together which added to the overall nice ambiance of the place. In fact, it was so nice, it makes me wanna have my own bakeshop already!

I was in the mood for some chocolate goodness that afternoon and decided to buy a small chocolate cake. I browsed from the assortment of chocolate cakes, and since there is no label of any kind, I just pointed to the nice sales lady what I wanted to devour. ;o) I found out later that it was called "Chocolate Cheesecake" (P110/small, P90/petite size)... and yes, based on the texture, it was more of a cheesecake to me than a regular chocolate cake. I was a bit disappointed at first because I was really looking forward to a nice, soft cake. Fresh from the chiller, it was too cold and was kinda hard to fork. I couldn't finish the whole thing so I had my half-eaten cake wrapped and took it home. I left it at room temperature and ate it again later that night. To my surprise, the cake has significantly improved in taste! It was actually smoother in texture and softer to bite. The chocolate frosting, that lured me to buy it in the first place, also improved at room temperature. I could actually taste its pure chocolaty-ness that I didn't find when I took my first bite. I could now appreciate the medley of flavors brought by the combination of cream cheese and chocolate. And since I was a happy camper, I'm definitely going back to try some more! ;o)


♥Starbucks' Chocolate Dome Cake♥

Richard and I celebrated our second anniversary a couple of days ago. After a fancy dinner at Tony Roma's in Alabang, my "forever Mocha-frap guy" decided to end the night with a cup of coffee at the ever-reliable Starbucks. I'm not so much into coffee, so I just decided to have my dessert there. My friend Leslie has strongly recommended Starbucks' Dome Cake a couple of weeks before that and urged me to get one next time I go there. She claimed it was addictive! I never had it before and didn't really know what to expect. When I found it available that night, I knew I had to try it. I find the filling delicious with a really soft texture that melts in the mouth. And the cake was... well... chocolate. Actually, there's really nothing out of the ordinary that I found in the Dome Cake (aside from its shape!). It was delicious alright. But I guess not as delightful as the first cake I've ever tasted in Starbucks, which was the Chocolate Supremo. Now that was really supreme! ;o)


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