Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Cookie Rush

I love Christmas! I love the holiday rush, roaming around the mall in search for gifts to give away, going in and about every corner just to find the perfect one, braving the supermarkets for the last minute grocery shopping, and waiting in line by the cashier for what seems like forever! As tiring as it is, I love it all. I love the anticipation, I love the rush, I love the songs, I love giving presents for my family and watch their faces as they rip the wrapper and unveil their gifts. I love everything about it. But this Christmas that had just passed had been my busiest ever! I was too busy baking, I didn't even have the time to stop and feel the very presence of this holiday. And to think that it's more than just a holiday, it's the celebration of the birth of Christ for us Christians. It was happy kind of sad. Probably because Richard wasn't around. He went home to Palawan for the holidays and won't be back until mid-January. But in any case, I still made the most out of it.

I decided to bake cookies for my friends as a Christmas present, I also baked cookies for Richard to bring home to Palawan, and on top of that, my Aunt asked me to bake cookies for her as presents for her friends and colleagues. All in all, I baked over 36 dozen cookies, in three varieties: chocolate chips, oatmeal & raisin, and chocolate crinkles. I made them in a span of 2 days, just before the big day, for I want them as fresh as possible. Boy, was I tired! The next thing I wanna do was rest my head on a pillow and sleep! But all is well that ends well. :) I feel fulfilled and accomplished. And I know no matter how tired I was, I could never complain... for I love what I'm doing. And I love gift-giving. And I guess that's what the true spirit of Christmas is, to be a blessing and to serve others through your blessings.


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