Sunday, December 7, 2008

On Bisquick

When I was searching for recipes around the web a couple of years ago, I came upon a recipe for biscuits... Now biscuits are not staple food here in the Philippines, and we usually refer to biscuits as the hard sweet cookies sold in tin cans as compared to the American version of soft, buttery and flaky bread. So out of curiosity, and encouraged by the numerous raves for the recipe, I tried to bake it... To my disappointment, it did not turn out the way I expected... It tasted a little off... I wasn't sure if I just didn't do it right or if that is really how it was supposed to taste. Then one day at the supermarket recently, I came upon a baking mix called "Bisquick" which is, apparently, a shortcut for making biscuits. It only needs water, and off you go to baking. Still bombarded by my disappointment for the first biscuits I tried baking last year, I knew I just had to try it! I just have to know exactly how it's supposed to taste like.

And I really have to give credit to mixes... with all its chemicals and artificial flavors! I think Bisquick captured the taste of an authentic American biscuit... It's not sweet as dessert, but I like the aftertaste of buttermilk lingering on my mouth with every bite. It would be perfect for savory soups or cured meats such as bacon for breakfast. I loved every buttery bite of it. Now I'm ready to take on the numerous biscuit recipes on my baking books! ;o)


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