Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sweet Roses

I could not believe it's been five months since I last posted a blog! I guess I've been busy... changing jobs, learning a new process, longer commutes, shorter sleep, and that heady blur of busy nothingness is surely getting me burned out prematurely. Good thing, God invented vacation leaves! If not for this, I would've pulled all my hair out, scream on the top of my lungs and head out the door running! Sometimes, I've had enough of this industry... Four years in the call center business is just too much for one to handle. If I had a better choice I would take it. For now, this will suffice.

I'm so lucky I have Richard. He did make life a little less cruel. We just recently celebrated our two year and eight months together as a couple, and I wanted to make something special for him, of course. Since transferring to a new job near The Fort in the city of Taguig, I've discovered nearby baking supply stores that weren't accessible to me before. One of them was Cook's Exchange in the 4th level of Glorietta 4. And boy, was it expensive there! ;o) Which is okay, I guess, since they have rare pieces that you wouldn't find in just any baking store. The other one was (surprise!) the SM Makati kitchenware department at the 4th level! I know, I know... it's probably already there since the beginning of time, but then again, I didn't have any chance to explore it until recently. And these places are just a pleasure to explore!

I've found a Wilton flower nail at SM, bought it immediately, and practiced piping roses using royal icing. I decided to give chocolate cupcakes to Richard and pipe roses on top. :) Ironically, piping the roses directly on cupcakes was far more easier as it saved a lot of precious time than using the flower nail. ;o) I wanted to focus on decorating the cupcake so I cheated a little by using a cake mix instead of baking from scratch. ;o) Amazingly, a little practice goes a long way. The piped roses aren't perfect yet, I know there's still room for improvement. But knowing I'll be giving it to the love of my life who will open-heartedly accept it without judgement or complaint, just made it a little more sweeter to make. ;o)


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