Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Occasional Baker

I would like to think I'm a passionate baker. But in reality, I'm just an occasional baker. Unlike when I first started, baking is now just a hobby that I do when I can find the time and the need to do so. I can still think of the many recipes I've been planning to make but still haven't; the baking books I've been planning to buy and still haven't; and the numerous baking tools and equipment I've been planning to have but still haven't found the necessity to own. Sometimes, the mere thoughts of all these keeps me awake at night (or in my case, during the day). The compilation of those unmade recipes, unread books, and unused pans are now eating up space in my shelf and bedroom floor; not to mention taking a toll on my wallet. This self-diagnosed disease of "acquiring everything about baking" is getting expensive by the day. But knowing myself well, I know there would be more to come... more stuff to buy and keep and forget about, more recipes to collect, more to add on my "to-do-list", or more appropriately, on my "to-do-when-I-can-find-the-time-list".

Until then, I guess I'll just remain as the "occasional baker", who would be very lucky if she finds just a fraction of the time, to at least excel in her craft, and be reminded of what her true passion is, in this whirlwind of busy nothingness, called life. Ü



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