Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pecan Brownies

I made these brownies for Richard's Mom when she came home to Laguna last month. I made two sets, one for her, and one pan for me and my sisters at home. I frosted the brownies and placed pecan nuts on top. It tasted okay, but I think it was underdone because it was still super soft to the bite, like eating cake. I want my brownies fudgy. I blame it on my impatience.. ;o) I couldn't wait to get it done so at the first sound of the oven bell, I immediately took it out. I also couldn't wait to eat it! So without much ado about letting it cool first, I frosted the brownies and sliced them. The frosting, of course, melted as soon as it touched the warm brownies, and the slices didn't turn out pretty. But I didn't mind... I loved eating it warm with all its frosting oozing on my fingers. I loved the chocolate-yness and all its gooey goodness! I really love home-made brownies! Looking forward to making another batch. ;o)



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