Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Comfort Cookie

There are times when one has to get out of his comfort zone. It may not be a pleasant decision, but it may be more practical given the situation. In this time of uncertainty, I can only hope that it will all pan out well for me. I must decide in favor of things that will bring more life. I must decide what's good for the rest and not just what's best for me. Will I end up victorious or will I be a failure to myself? Such are the questions that will be answered as time passes by.

For now, it's time to bake! =)

This oatmeal cookie is definitely my favorite recipe! I usually end up baking this whenever I feel the need to eat something comforting and sweet. Sometimes I use raisins, sometimes chocolate chips with walnuts, sometimes all of them! This time, good old chocolate chips will do. I was planning to give these cookies to my pregnant friend "B"... but it had disappeared before I even came back to work! I guess I'll just make another batch for dear "B" soon! =)



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