Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Container Fever

I thought I was all set with my cookie decorating preparation. I've been very diligent in reading my favorite cookie-decorating blogs, like Sweetopia and Bake at 350, just to make sure I didn't miss anything for my first cookie-decorating project. But then when I went to my local grocery store this afternoon to buy some staples like flour, sugar and butter, I remember I needed some containers for my icing.

First, I needed some container bowls where I can mix and separate my colored icing. I opted for the plastic ones with lids, following Bridget's advice..and because it's generally less expensive and more practical.

Then I remember I also needed some squeeze-bottle containers for the runny flood icing.

And while browsing the grocery aisles, I saw more containers and I remember I also needed the large air-tight ones where I can store the baked cookies in.

I tried to remember Marian's advice to use a separate spatula for royal icing, so I grabbed one on my way to the cashier, along with tons of powdered sugar (just in case one pound is not enough!). =)

My shopping basket is already overflowing at this point, but I needed to make another trip to the baking aisle to get some cocoa powder (which has nothing to do with my cookie decorating project, by the way...or with containers for that matter). I couldn't find my favorite brand of cocoa powder (and that's Hershey's, in case you're wondering) but saw this Van Houten version instead. I guess with Christmas fast approaching, the supermarket stocks are gradually vanishing! I haven't tried baking with Van Houten cocoa powder before but I'm looking forward to bake with it and see if it's any good.

Ok, back to containers.

After all these shopping, I'm hoping I won't need to visit that plastic-filled aisle for a very long time! =) Now it's time for the fun part -- baking and decorating. Yay!



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