Saturday, December 18, 2010

All Set For Cookies

I went to my former company today to take care of some more docs and to get my final pay. After en-cashing my check, I went straight to the mall. (Of course!) The holiday madness at malls this year was a little too scary for me! Probably because I haven't been out of the house as much as I should, that the sight of so many people walking about in one confined building made my imagination run wild. Earthquake, bombing, stampede (and all other worst case scenarios) bombarded my thoughts for a split second there... It may sound severe but not at all impossible in this tropical country with political unrest. And the line of vehicles in slow moving traffic constantly reminded me of the road accident down South involving seventeen vehicles earlier this week. But enough of the grim stuff! Back to the mall. =)

I was still debating in my mind whether to do the decorated sugar cookies this year or to stick to the usual drop cookies I bake for Christmas day. Then I went to Cooks Exchange in Glorietta, one of my favorite baking supply store. My only goal there was to buy some disposable piping bags to stock up on (as a "just-in-case" extra supply). Then I saw piping tips... and I couldn't help myself, I just had to ask the store personnel if there was a #1, 2 & 3...just as Bridget recommended (I've been religiously reading her blog and all her cookie decorating tips, and even printed out her hand-outs). And then while browsing, I also saw Americolor Soft Gel Paste (another one of Bridget's recommendation!) So you see, I only had to ask if there's meringue powder available, and I'd be all set for a cookie decorating project! (Well, I still need some powdered sugar but that's already available in my local grocery store.) As you've already guessed, I've bought more stuff than what I had intended (it usually happens to me!).

It's a good thing I can still practice self control in times of panic buying, or I probably would've spent half of my final pay buying everything I see! It's addictive like that at Cooks just want to buy everything you's like a baker's idea of heaven, really. =) And no, this is not paid advertising..I just really love that store! So then I went home, toting my plastic bag of goodies... with a satisfied smile on my face and a renewed excitement for my holiday baking. 



Aikko said...

Hi Anna!
We probably have met already, I always go to cooks exchange in Glorietta every week (okay, make that every other week) :)

♥ Anna ♥ (Sugarized) said...

Haha! Most probably. =) It would be nice to bump into you. =)

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