Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Have All Blog Posts Gone?

Has it been three months?!

I've been so busy lately I haven't visited my own blog for almost three months now...much less the other blogs I follow. If I hadn't seen my friend create his own blog, I never would've remembered I had one! (Yep, I was that busy!)

So whatever happened to the baby cookies I planned to bake and decorate? Or the Easter and summer cookies I've been excited about? Or the blueberry bagels I found at a weekend flea market? Or all the possibilities of baking with boxes of fresh ripe strawberries I bought from Baguio City?

Surely, they could've been blog posts...

But I decided to "live" and not just write. So they went by un-posted. Un-posted but definitely devoured...with my insatiable appetite for more sweetness...and more life.

Happy Thursday! And happy baking!



Anonymous said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments! Nice to meet you too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna! Just dropping by and checked if you have a new post. How's your baking adventure? Have a great day!

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