Saturday, August 20, 2011

Midlife Crisis? :)

I guess you can say that you're having a midlife crisis when you Google something like: "What will I do with my life?"...which is exactly what I a moment of desperation to seek answers. I got into a website/blog that suggested writing 100 things you want to do in a span on 20 minutes. It could be a career you want to have, or people you'd like to meet. It could be realistic; it could be grandiose; or it could be downright impossible! It could be just about anything under the sun you want out of life. And so in a desperate way of finding comfort in knowing that there may be answers out there, I did make a list. I only got to 60, which took me longer than 20 minutes, by the way. And so here it goes: (try not to laugh!) =)

1. Get married in a church.
2. Have kids.
3. Learn how to decorate a cake.
4. Enroll in cake decorating classes.
5. Have a baking/cake business and be my own boss.
6. Live abroad.
7. Study abroad.
8. Buy a beautiful house with a nice kitchen.
9. Plant my own garden.
10. Bake birthday cakes for each of my family, every single year.
11. Make grand wedding cakes.
12. Travel around the Philippines.
13. Travel around Asia.
14. Travel across Europe.
15. Have a grand vacation with my ENTIRE family.
16. Get married by the beach! (On second thought) =)
17. Learn how to swim.
18. Learn how to surf.
19. Have my own baking supply store.
20. Take up my Master's Degree.
21. Teach in a school.
22. Be a blessing.
23. Love deeply, like there's no tomorrow.
24. Forgive often (and easily).
25. Ask forgiveness...often (no matter how hard).
26. Pray every day, even if I don't feel like it.
27. Be grateful, even under difficult circumstances.
28. Clean my room regularly. :p
29. Do my laundry more often. :D
30. Cook for my (future) husband every day.
31. Bake for my (future) kids almost every day.
32. Laugh more often.
33. Live without regrets (from now on) ;)
34. Make better decisions.
35. Save up for the rainy days.
36. Pay off all my (credit card) debts.
37. Love what I do.
38. Do what I love.
39. Eat healthy.
40. Spend wisely.
41. Exercise!
42. Lose "unnecessary" weight.
43. Stay in touch with old friends.
44. Stay in love!
45. Be a better daughter.
46. Be a better sister.
47. Eat out with my family more often.
48. Spend "quality time" with my family more often.
49. Relinquish my pride.
50. REALLY learn from my mistakes.
51. Read more novels.
52. Write more thoughts.
53. Be inspired.
54. Live out my passions.
55. Learn how to paint.
56. Be creative.
57. Learn how to ice skate.
58. Go on sky diving (at least once!) =)
59. Pamper myself more often.
60. Enjoy life! (...because I'm almost halfway there!)



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