Monday, June 11, 2007

Peaches and Cream

I was craving for peaches when I remembered that there is a recipe on one of my baking books that I've been drooling on for as long as I've bought the book. I usually pass on making it because I didn't have a tart pan that the recipe called for. On that particular day, I thought a regular pie pan would do, so I went ahead and gave in to my craving. I immediately went to the supermarket to buy peaches, whipping cream, and everything else that I didn't have in our fridge. The recipe called for 2 fresh peaches to slice, but since we usually don't have that here in the Philippine Islands, I bought the canned one. I was mentally debating on whether I should just buy the sliced version which would save up a lot of time on slicing, or the halved ones which would be more tart and firm and juicy. I voted on the latter.

It was a particularly easy recipe, the graham cracker crumb crust was crisp and delicious, the peaches are nice, but the custard cream was horrifyingly tasteless! I probably didn't make it right, or I was probably expecting too much from it. Since I can easily make a delicious graham cake with peaches on top using only the simplest ingredient of all purpose cream & sweetened condensed milk (modesty aside :p), I was expecting that this one would surpass my version since this calls for more expensive ingredients and a more intricate procedure. I was really disappointed. But anyway, you learn from your mistakes. Next time, I'll just stick to my version of all purpose cream & condensed milk. ;o)


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