Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mrs. Fields Cookie Book

I always feel nostalgic whenever I buy cookies from Mrs. Fields. The very first cookies I made came from her cookie book which, unfortunately, was destroyed by the flood of typhoon Milenyo. Despite my efforts to save the precious pages, it was totally unusable. I would've wanted to buy another copy but it was already out of print. That book was published eons ago. It actually belonged to my Mom which she borrowed from one of her previous office mates who had already migrated to another country. The reason why I loved the book so much (aside from the fact that I love cookies), is the variation of the recipes and the ease of the process. Mrs. Fields did make the book easy to follow, which was suitable for beginners. That's also where I found the ultimate chocolate chip cookies that I love to bake. She had a secret ingredient that adds a little something to an ordinary chocolate chip cookie recipe. And so whenever I buy her cookies (which aren't inexpensive), and have that same familiar taste in my mouth, I can't help but feel nostalgic (and stingy). Almost always, I say to myself: "I could've made this myself if I hadn't lost the freakin' book!"

Anyways, while I was reading one of the food blogs I adore, I chanced upon a website called They sell old, out of print cookbooks from all genre, cuisine and baking. Of course they're all second hand books but, according to them, still of good quality. I immediately searched for this book, and surprise of all surprises, I found it! The price was reasonable, $7.75 (roughly P400). But to ship it to the Philippines would cost three times the price of the book itself! I was debating whether to order it or not. As of now, I still haven't decided. Maybe it's time to graduate from easy cookies and learn a different recipe. Maybe it's time I upgrade my baking skills. But then again, who wants to make fancy cookies that'll take forever to make when you just want to satisfy your craving for the good ol' chocolate chip cookies you've always known to love?


ChichaJo said...

Hi there! I have this cookbook :) Do you still need the chocolate chip cookie recipe? I can send it to you :)

♥ Anna the Baker ♥ said...

Hi Joey! I would love for you to send it. That is so sweet of you! =) And thanks for dropping by. =)

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