Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day with Red Ribbon

While eating lunch at Red Ribbon Bakeshop two Sundays before Mother's Day, I saw an advertisement of specialty cakes available for mothers' big day. I wasn't in the mood for baking this month, so when "the Day" was fast approaching, I was already decided on buying a cake for my Mom. Red Ribbon offered two choices, one was a regular chocolate chiffon cake frosted with boiled icing, and the other one was butter rum cake frosted with fondant icing. I chose the latter, thinking that chocolate chiffon cake seems so ordinary for such a special day, you can practically have it anytime of the year. Plus, I've always been fascinated with fondant, and as much as I love baking, I've never made fondant before. Heck, I've never tasted one before! It's just not something available in most bakeshops here in the South. So I was really bent on getting that.

The verdict: the cake itself was delicious, with just the right amount of rum lending its flavor to the cake but not too much so as to overpower it. Although I was a bit disappointed that the cake was just single layered, I was somehow expecting some kind of frosting on the middle and around the cake before the fondant layer. But it was just cake, then some sugar syrup, then the fondant icing. The fondant's taste and texture was intriguing, to say the least. :) It was like eating a rubbery sugar but not quite. :) It was nice, but kids at home didn't like it though... probably because their taste buds aren't developed yet. The royal icing decorating the fondant was elegant but didn't really adhere well.

Up until now, I've been intimidated with fondants on cake. It was something I thought only professional cake decorators can make. But after having this cake from Red Ribbon, I'm actually tempted to try it. It was relatively easy... or at least I hope it would be! ;o)


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