Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy.. It's September!

I'm so happy it's September!

For one thing, it's my birth month... I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time to celebrate the last year of my twenties... Time really flies so fast. It brings me into a deep reflection of what I have accomplished over the last ten years since I had officially graduated from being a teen. :) On the surface, not so much... but when I think about how different I was as person ten years ago is enough to convince me that I have, indeed, grown. It would be tragic if I didn't, right? :)

Another thing I'm excited about September is that, it is unofficially the start of the holiday season here in my beloved Philippine islands! Nothing can make me jump up in excitement than holiday baking..aside, of course, from receiving new baking books, baking tools or baking pans for Christmas! :)

So what did I miss to post during my almost two months hiatus (a.k.a. laziness to blog)?

For starters, this cake that I baked for Dad last Father's Day (yes, in June.. yes, I know it's overdue!) I used Hershey's recipe on "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Cake, and baked it on an 8-inch heart- shaped pan. Since the recipe called for a 9-inch pan, there were some leftover batter that I used for cupcakes. =)



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