Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kid's Cupcakes

As I blog today, I am feeling relaxed, unhurried, and peaceful... :) I guess that's what you get for blogging in your own bedroom! :) My sister and I decided to buy a new desktop computer so as not to share anymore with the communal pc at home (running on dial-up internet!), or with the noisy teenagers playing online games at internet cafes! With the help of my new "plastic friend," and a few hours of sweat trying to rearrange my bedroom furniture, I've finally arrived at this state of calmness and well-blogging. :)... harhar!

About a month ago (yes, overdue post again, I know!), my ten year-old other sister requested for cupcakes that she could share with her "bestest" friends for their "friendship anniversary." Browsing from my bookshelf, she chose a cupcake that was supposed to be baked on an ice cream cone. But I actually forgot to buy ice cream cones at the grocery so I decided to just bake it the old fashioned way, on muffin liners. :)

They say half of the fun in baking is baking with kids... But I'd say, to be quite honest, that baking with kids is a little too much of a handful! :) I guess the only perk in that was that I could have them running here and there to get things from the pantry or from the refrigerator while I focus on whipping or whisking or whatever. :) Nevertheless, it was fun...especially the frosting part...with rainbow and heart sprinkles! Yum! ... Of course, not considering, the annoying question "is it done yet?" that pops up every so often! :)


BTW: This recipe comes from the Cupcake Deck I posted about two months ago. =)


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