Monday, November 8, 2010

Chocolate Cravings

I've been craving for some sweet fix for a few days now. And I wanted to try out pastries from a new place just to get my curious taste buds working. So when Richard and I passed by a mall from a doctor's visit, I decided to  buy something for me. There was a corner bakeshop called Bread Monster and they have this chocolate muffin that was calling out to me begging to be bought. I was attracted by its name: "Dark Chocolate Muffin"... Sounds decadent. I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with just one, but the idea of eating more than one of the same muffin doesn't sound as appealing either. So I decided to go for their pre-packed assorted box of four. Its got the dark chocolate muffin, the revel bar, s'mores bar, and a  brownie (clockwise from top left on the photo above).

dark chocolate muffin

When I got home, I couldn't wait to dig in! I immediately "attacked" the muffin... but to my disappointment, it didn't live up to its name! You see, I was imagining it to be bittersweet with big bold flavors of dark chocolate. It was anything but. It didn't even taste like chocolate! I tried the brownie and the s'mores bar (which was basically, layers of blondie and brownie topped with broiled marshmallows), but they weren't as good as I hoped either. There was something off on the chocolate flavor of all these pastries... It tastes it has been on the display case for far too long than it should be.


s'mores bar
I swear I would've regretted buying these pastries if it weren't for the revel bar, which to my surprise was actually good! It was made of delicate layers of oatmeal bars, with gooey-melty chocolate in between. This time, the chocolate really does taste like chocolate. It was heaven! It was a little messy to eat, but I think it was part of the fun. =)

revel bar

So yes, my taste buds got to work last night trying out all those pastries, and I've discovered a new favorite, and threw out some. (Well not really, I gave all the half-eaten "unsatisfying" pastries to Richard.) But I'm still craving for that dark, bittersweet chocolatey goodness that I missed.  ♥♥♥

Bread Monster is located at the upper ground floor of Alabang Town Center


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