Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Good Find!

I think it's true what they say, you never really know what you're looking for until you find it. And sometimes, you find it in the most unexpected places.

On my way home this evening, I decided to browse some magazines at Book Sale. I think I've professed countless times how much I love that store for its bargain books and magazines. And just when you think you've seen all they have to offer, they surprise you with something totally unexpected.

I noticed this little box because of the familiarity of the title. And I say "little" because as seen on the photo above, it's really very tiny! I got curious how a a large volume of Joy of Cooking could fit in such a tiny box. Only when I got closer did I realize that it was cookie kit. The label at the back indicated that it contains recipes and four miniature cookie cutters. And the best part about it is the price (of course!) -- only Php35 (approximately less than US$1). It couldn't get any cheaper than that! (Have I already mentioned I love bargains?)

Since I've started taking interest in cookie decorating, I've made it my goal to collect as much cookie cutters as I could find (well, most likely, as much cookie cutters as I could afford). I realized that good quality cookie cutters are not as prevalent here than it probably is overseas. You have to look for it in specialty shops because the ones sold inside groceries and supermarkets are usually the plastic ones that look more like toys. And by specialty shops, I mean the high-end stores in the big city, two hours away from where I live. So you could probably imagine my joy when I saw this kit and realized I'll get four cute cookie cutters for such a small price. (Yeah... I'm really easy to please just like that.)

I was so happy, I didn't care if the booklet that came with it was so tiny, I could barely read the recipes. =) Truly, it's another good find!



lilaloa said...

I've resigned myself to purchasing cookies cutters online, making square cookies, or making my own cutters! Great find!! And good luck finding more cutters.

♥ Anna ♥ (Sugarized) said...

Thanks Lilaloa! =) I think I might resign myself to that too -- purchasing cookie cutters online. That would make my life easier. =)

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